The Ultimate List of 100+ Silent Auction Item Ideas

Get people to donate old clothes/homewares/shoes/tech that’s in good condition and sell it on! Ask a local celebrity (for example the mayor, popular athlete, local artist or entrepreneur) to donate a few hours to have a meal with a raffle or auction winner. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas could even ask a local restaurant to offer the meal for free in return for a visit from the celebrity and publicity. Love or hate a costume, having a themed party is a chance for a bit of fun fundraising.
Maybe it’s your CEO—dressed up for the date as the winner’s choice character from history? If you can recruit volunteers, coworkers, and colleagues who are likely to bid, it can make for a great peer fundraising opportunity. But in order to take advantage of those tools, you’ll need to run great events too! To help you brainstorm what your next fundraiser event could be, we’ve put together this list of unique and inspiring ideas. To ask your members to do any more than regularly train and respond on runs is a model that is not working in most areas and will not work in the future. Some because of the extra duties (like fundraising) that members don’t have time for.
Create a fundraising page online and help students collect donations through it. Offer sky lanterns to be purchased and then organize a clear evening to release them. Encourage people to bring a picnic on a balmy night or offer your own food options at an inflated price as another means to raise money for your cause. Ask volunteers to give up their time to act as a personal chauffeur service!
Plus, you’ll get unlimited free email accounts for your organization, Google Drive storage, shared calendars, YouTube enhancements and much more. It’s just a few steps to sign up and a big value to any qualifying non-profit. Source a selection of gourmet food and drink items from local businesses to raffle off for your fundraiser.
When fundraising on GoFundMe, we have made it easy for you to keep your donors updated by providing a simple way to post an update to your fundraiser. Use our top fundraiser update tips and examples below to help guide you as you write your own updates. Kids love color run fundraisers, and by using paint or powder that is non-toxic, everyone can participate. Well the success of the firefighter calendar for raising money for charity is undeniable, and it can be tasteful (see our gymnastic fundraising page). Typically most people know a photographer, or at least someone who has a passion for photography and takes pictures as a hobby.
Do you want your fundraising event to stand out from the crowd? Unique fundraising ideas will catch others’ attention and create lasting memories, on top of raising money for a good cause. That’s why our experts recommend these creative ways to inspire donors and attendees. Collaborating with local businesses, community organizations, and government agencies can significantly enhance your fire department’s donation efforts.
Have spectators vote for their favorite sandcastle with a dollar or two, and then declare the winner. Don’t forget to provide plenty of water and sunscreen during the contest to keep your contestants cool. You weren’t allowed to have food fights in the junior high cafeteria, but you can certainly throw one on behalf of your organization.
Be sure to bring baskets or hampers to carry leftover goods to charity. If a local cinema is willing to participate, that would be ideal. Otherwise, you could rent a projector and put up a white sheet in a backyard or public park. Piggyback onto the four major fashion weeks of New York, London, Milan, and Paris—held twice a year on successive weekends, typically in February and September. Alternatively, you can hold your event in the counter seasons in summer and winter. Set up tents and heaters if rain or cold temperatures threaten your good time.